VACUSERA Coagulation Tube

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Citrate Tubes Prothrombin time (PT) Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) are analyzed Vacusera Coagulation Tubes are used for blood coagulation tests. Coagulation Tubes have a buffered sodium citrate solution of 0.109 mol/l (3.2%) or 0.129 mol/l (3.8 %). Double Tube technology provides an excellent condition for the test of PT and APTT values. Stop clotting as EDTA tube containing ...


Reference 234515
Draw Volume 4,5 - 3,6 - 2,7 - 1,8 ml
Size 13x75 mm
Shelf Life 9 months
Label Paper / Transparent
Pack / Bpx 100 / 1200
Cap Color Light Blue
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