modified rice starch for dry shampoo

Über dieses Produkt

Properties and application: • INCI name: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch + Cetrimoniumchlorid • CAS No.: 9005-25-8 + 112-02-7 • EINECS No.: 232-679-6 + 203-928-6 • Appearance: fine, white powder • Odour: specific • Primary D.S.A. 7 is used as powder base for aerosols and squeeze bottles. • D.S.A. 7 degreases the hair. Because of the strong antistatic property D.S.A. 7 can be brushed out without any residues and a fast cleaning effect is achieved. After the usage D.S.A. 7 gives the hair natural brightness, breezy luxuriance and freshness. • D.S.A. 7 shows a kind of deodorizing effect, odour-binding and has a distinct affinity for oils and fats. • D.S.A. 7 possesses flowing capabilities, does not adhere to can walls, does not build agglomerates in propellants in the spray head. Formed sediments stay loose and can be easily dispersed by short shaking (even if stored for a long time). • D.S.A. 7 shows a low moisture content of max 5,0 %. A maximum aerosol dispenser filling should contain 6,0 – 8,0 % of D.S.A. 7. As propellant we recommend propane-butane-compounds, also with parts of n-pentane. Other solid additions may affect the spray function in a negative way. • D.S.A. 7 is kind to the skin and harmless in dermatological respect.


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