The Rotwald system is a high-precision circumferential seam welding system

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Modular, flexible construction Comprehensive circumferential welding control different welding processes Parameter memory synchronous drive two Torch system Various customer-specific component holders (clamping devices) Fastchanging system for component holder High-precision positioning of the welding axes using servomotors The ROTAWELD machine system is our platform for a wide variety of circumferential welding tasks. The basis of the circumferential seam welding machines are the precise, servo-motorized rotary axis and the extensive circumferential seam welding control. Machine size, component holders, welding technology, torch brackets and any additional axes that may be required are product and customer-specific.

Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau GmbH

Customer-specific longitudinal, corner and circumferential welding machines as well as special welding machines for arc welding processes in the sheet thickness range of 0.15 - 10 mm.