Tunable Diode Lasers - Diodenlaser

Tunable, single-frequency lasers not only for quantum technologies

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Tunable single-frequency diode lasers utilize a laser diode and a frequency selective element like a grating for laser frequency selection and tuning. They are available for individual wavelengths between 190 nm and 4000 nm, and deliver narrow-linewidth emission that is tunable – in some systems up to 120 nm wide without a single mode-hop. Such lasers can be amplified either in stand-alone amplifiers or in complete Master Oscillator Power Amplifer (MOPA) systems to reach CW powers up to 4 W. Most of TOPTICAs amplified systems utilize tapered amplifiers. Frequency-converted lasers extend the accessible spectral range in the UV, visible and mid-IR, and provide highest output powers. Important properties of all these systems are low noise (RIN and linewidth) and drift. Properties that profit from excellent laser driving electronics. For further stabilization, a range of laser locking electronics serves for linewidths down to the 1 Hz level and convenient digital control.

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