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Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. Founded in June, 2011, Tianjin Zhongwang is designed to have an annual production of 1.8 million tones. Tianjin Zhongwang is located in Wuqing district of Tianjin and covers an area of 6 square kilometers. So far, Tianjin Zhognwang is the only aluminium manufacturer, who builds the workshops with largest size, highest production capacity, full range of products and most modern equipment and technology in the same plant site. The deign makes the plant have the advantage of large scale and various production. Its main products appliance in aerospace, aircraft, shipping, chemical industry, transportation, electronic and electrical, especially these products can fill the blank in China market with its super size, high precious and accurate Al hard alloy, some of them are even first innovation in the world.



Zhongwang Aluminium Europe GmbH

Zhongwang ist einer der größten Entwickler und Hersteller für Aluminium-Strangpressprodukte auf der Welt, beliefert weltweit in den Bereichen Transport, Maschinenbau, Energietechnik, Bauindustrie.


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