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Managing Director:Mr. Thomas Höbart
Purchasing Director:Mr. Ing. Markus Miklautz
Sales Director:Mr. Johann Schmiedmeier
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Contact for: Acrylic machiningAcrylic machining and processingApparatus and containers of plasticApparatus front panels of plasticAssembling servicesAssembly in clean-roomsAssembly of optical devicesBent parts of plasticBlown plastic articles, technicalCNC 4 axis milling servicesCNC 5 axis milled partsCNC 5 axis milling servicesCNC machining servicesCNC milled partsCNC milled parts of aluminiumCNC milled parts of plasticCNC milling servicesCNC precision partsCNC turned partsCNC turned parts made of plasticCNC turned parts of special materialsCNC turned parts of steelCNC turning servicesCNC-milling parts of special materialsCNC-milling parts of steelCollecting vessels of plasticsContainers of plastic for transportContract work on CNC-machining centersCustom acrylic productsCustom-made products of plasticsDisplay stands formed from plasticHeated tool welding of plasticsMachine components, to drawing specificationsMachine construction componentsMachine parts made of plasticsManufacturing of mechanical sub-assembliesMechanical sub-assemblies with electronic componentsMetal milling servicesMetal precision partsMilled parts for mechanical engineeringMilled parts of high-performance plasticsModule assemblyPlastic apparatus engineeringPlastic collecting basinsPlastic components for conveyor technologyPlastic components for machine constructionPlastic components for the lighting industryPlastic containers for water treatmentPlastic containers of ethylene chloro-trifluoroethylene (E-CTFE)Plastic containers, electrically conductive, for the semi-conductor industryPlastic containers, weldedPlastic covers for appliances and devicesPlastic covers for industrial machinesPlastic covers for machinesPlastic covers for office machinesPlastic housingsPlastic machining equipmentPlastic milled partsPlastic mouldings, customer specificPlastic panels, workedPlastic parts according to drawingPlastic parts for mechanical engineeringPlastic parts for medical techniquePlastic spare part manufacturing, contract workPlastic storage containersPlastic sub-assembliesPlastic vats for electroplatingPlastics workingPrecision componentsPrecision components for special-design machine engineeringPrecision devicesPrecision mechanical componentsPrecision mechanical sub-assembliesPrecision milled partsPrecision parts for mechanical engineeringPrecision parts for medical technologyPrecision plastic partsProcessing of plasticsProspectus display stands of plasticsRotary parts made from high-performance plasticsSales stands of plasticScrew machine products of plasticShelves of plasticsSpecial machine construction, according to designStorage tanks of plasticsSub-assemblies for machine constructionSub-assemblies for medical technologySub-assemblies for semi-conductor technologySub-assemblies, mechanicalThermal forming of foamed plasticTransformation of technical plastic componentsTransport boxes of plasticsTurned components made of steelTurned parts for medical appliancesTurned parts for the aerospace industryTurned parts of aluminiumTurned parts of plasticTurned parts of rustproof materialTurned parts of stainless steelTurned parts of various materialsTurned precision partsTurning establishments for small seriesTurning servicesVacuum-formed partsWelding shops for plastics
Mr. Johann Schmiedmeier (Sales Director)
Michael-Unterlercher-Straße 55
A-9523 Villach-Landskron
Tel.: +43(0) 4242/46800-0
Fax: +43(0) 4242/46800-18
e-mail: office@abc-auftragsfertigung.com

A-9431 St. Stefan-Kleinedling
Am Industriepark 9
Tel.: +43(0) 4352/81383
Fax: +43(0) 4352/81383-18
e-mail: office@abc-auftragsfertigung.com