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Managing Director:Mr. Mag. Wolfgang Auf, Mr. Hannes Hundegger
Technical Director:Mr. Ing. Albert Sarcletti
Sales Director:Mr. Ing. Roland Kayer
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Contact for: 3-D photogrammetry for CNC componentsAluminium flangesAluminium housings, CNC-milledAutomation systems for CNC processing machines machinesBevel gearboxesBevel gearsBevel gears, groundBevel wheel gear motorsCNC 4 axis milling servicesCNC 5 axis milled partsCNC 5 axis milling servicesCNC 6 axis milling servicesCNC boringCNC circular grindingCNC controller modernizationCNC cylindrical profile grindingCNC flame cutting machinesCNC flat profile grindingCNC grinding servicesCNC honingCNC internal grinding servicesCNC machining servicesCNC manufacturing engineeringCNC metal processingCNC milled partsCNC milled parts of aluminiumCNC milled parts of plasticCNC milling parts of grey cast ironCNC milling servicesCNC precision partsCNC profile grindingCNC surface grindingCNC turned partsCNC turned parts made of plasticCNC turned parts of special materialsCNC turned parts of steelCNC turned parts of titaniumCNC turned parts, 5-axisCNC turning servicesCNC-edging workCNC-milling parts of copperCNC-milling parts of special materialsCNC-milling parts of steelCNC-milling parts of titaniumCarriers (standard parts)Chain drivesClutchesComplete pistons (sealing elements)Construction of special-purpose machinesConsulting engineers for special-purpose machine constructionContainer construction flangesContract work on CNC-machining centersContrate worm gear motorsControl cams (mech.)Control cams for multispindle automatic lathesCylinder headsDeep hole drilling servicesDrive flangesDrive shafts for machine constructionDrivesFlanges and collarsFlanges of non-ferrous metalFlanges of steel according to international standardsFlanges, abnormalGear cutting servicesGear racksGear shapingGearbox repair servicesGearboxesGears for precision mechanics and mechanical engineeringGearwheelsHelical bevel gearsHelical geared motorsHelical gearsLow backlash planetary gearboxesMachine components, to drawing specificationsMachine construction componentsMachine construction servicesMachine construction services, drawing-basedMachine constructionsMachine tool upgrading with conversion to CNC technologyManufacturing of machine partsMechanical engineering officesMechanical sub-assemblies with electronic componentsMetal precision partsMilling headsModernisation of CNC machine toolsMotors with planetary gearsPinion shaftsPistonsPlanetary adjustment gearing motorsPlanetary gearboxesPlanetary gearboxes, explosion-proofPlanetary type bevel gearsPlanetary worm gear drivesPower transmission devicesPrecision components for special-design machine engineeringPrecision milled partsPrecision parts for mechanical engineeringPrecision planetary gears, modularPrototypingRapid tooling for initial prototype samplesRepair of machines and plantsRepair services for industrial gearboxesRetooling of machines for CNC-operationRoller repair servicesShaft repair servicesSingle-piece production for mechanical engineeringSpecial flangesSpecial machine construction, according to designSpiral bevel gearsSpur gearsSpur wheel and worm gear transmissionsSub-assemblies for machine constructionThread grinding workshopsTooth flank grindingToothed belt carriersToothed gears for mechanical engineeringToothed partsTurned precision partsVendor parts for mechanical engineering and plant constructionWelding neck flangesWorm shaftsWorm wheels
Ms. Erika Kreinz