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Managing Director:Mr. Mag. Markus Mailinger
Marketing Director:Ms. Dagmar Lyß
Technical Director:Mr. Torsten Mangold, Ms. Ing. Kathrin Reichel
Sales Director:Ms. Katja Runkel
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Contact for: Belt filtersComposite non-woven woollen fabricsCotton wool fleeceFleeceFleece fabricsIndustrial nonwovensMedical nonwovensNon-woven fabrics for coatingsNon-woven fabrics for liquid filtrationNon-woven fabrics for the automotive industryNonwovens for the commercial vehicle industryNonwovens for the furniture industryPolyester fleece
Mr. Mag. Markus Mailinger (CEO)
Contact for: Needle-punched fleeceNon-woven fabrics for roofingNon-woven fabrics for the clothing industryNon-woven fabrics for the shoe industryNon-woven filter fabrics
Ms. Ing. Kathrin Reichel (Technical Director)
Contact for: Non-woven fabrics for the construction industryProtective non-woven coverings
Ms. Katja Runkel (Sales Director)
MAILINGER innovative fiber solutions GmbH
Seegel 4
36205 Sontra

Tel.: 0049 (0) 5653 9191-0
Fax: 0049 (0) 5653 9191-20