Unser Anspruch

Our company values

We excel in following through

We give it our best for our users and for ourselves. We make decisions quickly. We take the initiative and are not passive; we play a role in shaping our future and are leaders.

We always take responsibility for our own actions, take ownership of our actions and continuously examine and scrutinize our work. After all, each of us is smart enough to make an active contribution and to reflect. We want to get involved instead of just working through the stack.


We foster a culture of openness

We make issues transparent and discuss things openly. Studies say the “grapevine” is useful. We believe transparency is more productive. We want to speak with one another openly and eliminate taboos. This offers us the clear advantage of being able to act quickly.

We keep our word. Internally and externally, what we say should hold water – no rambling or empty words, and instead statements that mean something.

We communicate directly and constructively, actively ask for opinions and offer feedback. We communicate on an equal footing with one another and believe dialogue is the superior solution. We use feedback so that we can make progress together.


We act respectfully towards one another

a statement we want to fully put into practice. We work together in a team that enjoys working together. Each individual understands the impact of their own work – we act cooperatively and considerately as we work. This also means that we are honest with ourselves and with others.