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“Wer liefert was” is the leading B2B marketplace in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As the most popular online platform for professional purchases, “Wer liefert was” provides access to millions of products and services in the B2B segment. 1.3 million buyers connect with around 560,000 manufacturers, dealers, service providers and suppliers on a monthly basis on, and The wlw offer is free of charge for buyers and for advertisers as a standard profile. 

Every month, the clear-cut yet simple search provides buyers with reliable information about companies and their product portfolios, including all current contact data. Compared to conventional search engines, the search results are based on the needs of the professional buyers. The search terms entered are matched with some 47,000 categories and their keywords. This intelligent search system makes it possible for buyers to quickly find the right products and services as well as the right supplier without wasting any time. Specific queries can be made directly via the company profile.

wlw also enables strategic supplier management through its many free features. This includes conducting searches based on the surrounding area, location, zip code, alphabetic order as well as by manufacturer, dealer, service provider or wholesaler, a watch list as well as your own non-public comments to selected suppliers.

“Wer liefert was” is headquartered in Hamburg with a workforce of 230 employees. The company was founded in 1932 and was the first supplier to publish printed reference books for commercial buyers. wlw has offered its services online since 1995. The Swiss private equity firm Capvis is the main shareholder.