“Wer liefert was” does a great deal

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“Wer liefert was” supports “Die Arche Hamburg”

“Die Arche” (“The Ark”) runs a leisure facility in Hamburg-Jenfeld used every day by 80-120 children aged between four and 13. As well as a free lunch, “Die Arche” also offers homework support, tutoring and a varied sport and leisure programme.

On 17 December 2018, the centre held a Christmas party for all children aged 7-10. Popcorn and sweetie catapult machines, craft stations, a coconut shy and bread baking around a campfire were among the activities on offer to amuse around 250 children throughout the festive afternoon.

Last year, “Wer liefert was” not only supported “Die Arche” in Jenfeld with a cash donation of 5,000 euros, but they also enlisted volunteers to help out at the children’s Christmas party. A total of 25 colleagues from wlw handed out a festive fruit punch, made glittery stars and paper chains or helped children with a buzz-wire challenge or a traditional German reflex-game “Erbsenschlagen”. And as if that wasn’t enough, the children were also given the whole afternoon to run about and play. This is also quite the physical challenge for the wlw colleagues who helped out.

“For us, it’s nice to see how the centre we help to finance actually works. ‘Die Arche’ does very important work in our community and the children’s Christmas party was a wonderful afternoon - even for those of us from wlw,” said Doreen Schlicht, CMO at “Wer liefert was” after handing over the cheque.

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“Franzbrötchen Day” at “Wer liefert was”

On 15 November, we celebrated “Franzbrötchen Day” for the second time! A total of nine boxes containing over 200 of Hamburg’s traditional cinnamon pastries were delivered to the wlw office in ABC-Straße. Under the banner “Hilfe, die schmeckt” (“A tasty way to help”), around €200 was collected for the non-profit, volunteer organisation ‘Zeit für Zukunft – Mentoren für Kinder e.V.’. This organisation provides mentors who support disadvantaged young people in Hamburg with a view to developing their skills and increasing their potential.

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“Wer liefert was“ donates to clothing banks and medical services for homeless people living in Hamburg

The clothing bank run by Caritasverband für Hamburg e.V. is situated right in the heart of Hamburg's St Georg district. Every week, many of those in need come to the clothing bank for some new clothing. At his cold time of year, the centre is in need of warm jackets, shoes and so on.

Caritas also offers medical assistance for the homeless covering a wide range of medical services for those in need. Buying medication is a very costly process.

wlw supports both of these projects with a total donation of 10,000 euros. This money will allow the project to purchase the medications required as well as additional items of clothing they don“t receive enough donations of.

For Peter F. Schmid, CEO of wlw, this is a cause very close to his heart: “Our company has a long history in the city of Hamburg and we are delighted to be able to support local institutions every year, such as the clothing bank and the medical service centre. The Caritas association is well organised and provides direct support to important community services, without all the bureaucracy.”

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“Wer liefert was“ supports young people!

Under the banner “Hilfe, die schmeckt“ (“A tasty way to help“) wlw is taking part in this year's “Franzbrötchen Day“ and thus making a contribution to the wellbeing of disadvantaged children and young people throughout Hamburg. On the morning of 16 November, organised by the Lions Club, seven boxes full of “Franzbrötchen“ were delivered to wlw, where they were handed out for a good cause. The non-profit, volunteer organisation “Zeit für Zukunft – Mentoren für Kinder e.V.“ received a 1 euro donation for each one sold.

The association assigns trained mentors as sponsors for young people in Hamburg between the ages of 6 and 16. The aim of the initiative is to develop the skills of these young people, increase their potential and broaden their experience. By taking part in “Franzbrötchen Day“, wlw is enabling the association to provide more children with a mentor and in this way promote their development.

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“Wer liefert was” donates to the medical centre for the homeless

The medical centre for the homeless run by the Caritasverband für Hamburg e.V. is located at the former port hospital, Hafenkrankenhaus, in St. Pauli. This is an inpatient service for sick and homeless men and women. wlw supports the institution with a donation of 7,500 euros. This money will be used to buy five new hospital beds.

The medical centre for the homeless provides both medical and social support for homeless people. Ideally this means avoiding their return to the streets. For Peter F. Schmid, this is an simple matter: “As a commercially successful company with a long history in Hamburg, supporting an institution such as the medical centre is a cause very dear to our hearts. Our visit to the centre was clear proof that our donations are going to the right place.”

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“Wer liefert was” combats youth unemployment

With a donation of 4,000 euros, wlw is supporting the Joblinge initiative which aims to combat youth unemployment. Since the beginning of 2015, wlw has not only provided Joblinge with financial support but also with coaching sessions, including job application courses offered by members of our human resources department.

The aim of the initiative is to create genuine job potential and help people become integrated into the job market and into society in the long term. The economy, the government and individuals are all involved in supporting Joblinge. Thanks to the work of volunteer mentors and training support, some statistics show that the organisation has an above-average success rate and is closing the gap between people“s backgrounds and their future prospects.

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“Wer liefert was” donates to the aid of Hamburg’s homeless 

wlw contributes to helping the homeless in the Hansestadt by donating €10,000 to the Diakonie Hamburg. Part of the money is used towards helping the Hamburg Mitternachtbus (Hamburg midnight bus), which has been providing the homeless in Hamburg’s downtown area with goods to cover their basic daily necessities since 1996. The Diakoniezentrum für Wohnungslose (a community care facility for the homeless) is also provided support. This day residence provides homeless people meals and help from social workers. 

The Diakonisches Werk Hamburg currently employs 260 people and a variety of volunteers. In order to be able to offer its social services in the future, the charity is dependent on donations. We hope that other companies in Hamburg and the surrounding area will follow our example and support the Diakonisches Werk Hamburg with further donations.
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“Wer liefert was” helps children!

As part of the B2RUN 2014, wlw participated in the RTL aid project “We help children” – with one cent donated for each kilometer run during German-wide B2RUN events. Over a hundred thousand runners covered a distance of more than 700,000 kilometers, amounting to a total donation amount of 7,500 euros.

For the "Dunkelziffer" association, the wlw employees collected additional donations via a laptop prize draw. The association campaigns for the rights of sexually abused children.
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Education is near and dear to “Wer liefert was”! 

wlw continues to educate young people in different areas. In addition to providing vocational training, wlw also offers cooperative study programs.

“Wer liefert was” has also been a partner of “Joblinge” since the beginning of 2015. This initiative is aimed at young adults who have no education or place to work. Youth are directly supported by wlw by providing them with job application training which is recorded on camera, as a means to opening up the training and labor market to participants. 

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“Wer liefert was?” promotes innovation!

wlw is the official sponsor of the "Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft" (German Industry Innovation Award) in 2015 and is thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the German economy. Since 1980 the award has been bestowed to the most important scientific, technical, entrepreneurial and intellectual innovations in Germany industry.