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Sponsored products

Advertise selected products individually as sponsored products. According to the search term, they will be displayed on the first page of the product search and will thus be noticed first. More traffic. More sales.

This advertising opportunity is available exclusively to all customers with a fee-based service package.

Your benefits

  • Advertise the most important products of your product range purposefully in order to highlight your top sellers in relevant product searches.

  • Stand out from the competition and get even more attention on Europe’s largest B2B marketplace.

  • Advertise as many products as you want. A booking is always and immediately possible via the online product manager.

Your products in prominent advertising spaces

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Advertise products quickly and easily

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Login in the product manager

Log in with your user details quickly & easily via “Login”.

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Advertise product

In just a few clicks, your product is advertised immediately. No waiting time. Immediate results.

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Boost revenue

Attract more attention immediately, and thereby boost your revenue.

Service description

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Noticeable display

Sponsored products are prominently displayed on the first page and in the best positions of the product search.

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Matching sponsored products are determined according to the search term and displayed in the available advertising spaces.

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Equal opportunities

The number of advertising spaces is limited. That is why the display takes place in a random order, and everyone has an equal opportunity to be displayed.

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