Compounding Extruders

Application for compounding technology is not limited to plastics but also to various purposes.


Über dieses Produkt

For compounding and reactive process, JSW stand ready to offer “TEX-αⅢ” series, which is our newest our twin screw extruder. TEX-αⅢ has the world’s highest level torque (Td = 18.2 Nm/cm3) with deeper Do/Di ratio (1.57). The highest torque of TEX-αⅢ makes it possible to operate the extruder with lower screw speed comparing with the existing extruder. As a result, TEX-αⅢ can realize the lower energy consumption and lower discharge temperature. TEX-αⅢ is also possible to design stronger mixing screw to increase throughput and improve mixing performance with its strong structure achieving highest level torque. TEX-αⅢ has 9 line-up from TEX25αⅢ(screw dia. 26.5 mm) to TEX120αⅢ (129.5 mm). Based on our great deal of experience for compounding and reactive process with original technology such as special mixing screw element (TKD, BMS) & barrel (NIC) and side feeder with degassing function (SFD), we can offer TEX-αⅢ to your needs from general compounding to high-end compounding.

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