Blind Stitch Sewing Machines

Blind Stitch Sewing Machines for High-Fashion.

Über dieses Produkt

The reliability and quality of MAIER blind stitch sewing machines are world renowned. They sew the "invisible hem” in the most demanding of applications. Thousands of MAIER blind stitch sewing machines prove their worth in the clothing industry, and in tailors‘ and alteration workshops. And they are successfully deployed in specialist fields too, such as for hemming drapes, net curtains, quilts and duvets, blind hemming bindings on car seats etc. The advantages of MAIER blind stitch sewing machines - Single thread chain stitch, i.e. fast, robust, problemfree and economical. - Perfect seams with extremely precise and even stitching - High productivity with sewing speed of up to 3.000 stitches per minute. - Easy to handle with secure and easy fabric guide system. - Easy to reproduce the plunger setting when changing materials. The stitch depth can be reset very rapidly from sheer to thick materials by turning the directacting set screw. If required, a digital display unit can be supplied, to indicate penetration depths. - Thread cutter provides the rationalization effect. Very easy to use due to a combination of position motor and automatic presser foot. - Trouble-free working due to its robust, uncomplicated design and low vibration rate.


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