The CORNER WELD machine type is characterized by the best quality, simple operation and high speeds for welding corners that do not need to be reworked.

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CORNERWELD seam welding machines are designed for welding sheet metal in a 90 ° connection. The high-precision clamping system with shielding gas cover and high-precision control of the welding sequence and welding parameters ensures the perfect weld seam for your corners. Because of the use of Modular tooling, large selection of control options, you get your parts at a 90 ° angle, low discoloration and almost no distortion without rework.

Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau GmbH

Customer-specific longitudinal, corner and circumferential welding machines as well as special welding machines for arc welding processes in the sheet thickness range of 0.15 - 10 mm.