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tipping base paper

delfortgroup manufactures the finest tipping base papers. Our tipping base papers for converters and the cigarette industry worldwide are produced on 3 paper machines. delfortgroup paper products are produced from the finest raw materials and with only the best and most modern equipment. We make it our mission to provide security, reliability and fast response-time to customer demands. mo

cigarette and plugwrap paper

delfortgroup manufactures the finest cigarette and plug wrap papers for the global tobacco and cigarette industry. We produce our paper products from only the purest of raw materials and with the most modern and advanced equipment, ensuring that the products supplied to leading tobacco manufacturers meet the most stringent quality requirements.

thinprint paper

Think of the best medium for nonverbal communication and it will be paper. It is more reliable than modern technology. No rebooting, no charging - just 100% natural! delfortgroup is a leading supplier of ThinPrint paper and supplies standard and tailor-made quality products combined with outstanding service.

release base paper

With over 30 years of experience, the TerSil brand produced by Dunafin and Tervakoski has become a reliable and trusted name in the self-adhesive industry. Quality tailor-made products combined with excellent service make delfortgroup a leading supplier of release base paper.

electrical insulation paper

Tervakoski has been producing Electrical Insulation Papers since the 1920's. The experience, know-how and unique production facilities have enabled us to become the leading producer of insulation materials for power cables, transformers and bushings. Tervakoski offers a full range of electrical insulation papers that cover all the needs in the electrical industry.

about us

delfortgroup is the world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and promotion of thinner, more sustainable, tailor-made speciality papers. delfortgroup's approach contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions in the value chain.

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