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Geschäftsführung:Herr Bjorn Oosterhof, Herr Arno Putters
Marketingleitung:Frau Sabine Oudshoorn
Verkaufsleitung:Herr Armin Wienkenhoever, Herr Armin Wienkenhoever
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Herr Armin Wienkenhoever (Verkaufsleitung)
Replacing wooden pallets with plastic ones is a logical
decision, resulting from your desire for sustainability,
cost efficiency and environmental considerations. Opting
for Q-PALL as your partner is also a logical decision if
you need an innovative manufacturer with a mind of its own.

A company which, by managing the entire production,
distribution and sales chain itself, can offer technical
and logistic support which contributes to your optimum
operational management at your enterprise too. We have
summarised this ideology in: our orange values.